FYI Links

In browsing and doing research we often come across web sites that we think are worthy of sharing. Most are relevant to articles on this site or the purpose of The Intentional Traveler. Some, at times, do not relate directly to a specific post and we have decided to occasionally offer a post dedicated to providing links to these sites. Please consider the following links:

WiseBread – This is an article on travel reward credit cards from a popular financial site.

Clothing Arts Ltd – Travel and Adventure clothing with advertised “pick-pocket proof “ pants. A serious concern in some areas where we find ourselves. Let you know if we stumble into a field test.

Travel Blogs – There is a whole world of travel opportunities and an equally large assortment of blogs sharing ideas and the experiences of fellow travelers. Below we offer a number of recent finds that you might find interesting. In some cases the link is to a facebook page and depending on the page type you may need a facebook account of your own to access the page:

Facebook Intentional Tourist – An excellent site by an adventurous lady chronicling more exotic travel.

Traveling with the Jones – Featuring a couple doing frequent trips and reporting in a journal format. Lots of articles with good info.

Adventurous Retirees – Don & Renee travel the world offering their experiences and recording their finds. Two dedicated travelers.

Traveling with Sweeney – Inspiration and information for the best in luxury, cultural, and active travel. Travel articles with good depth Sweeney does a good job of offering suggestions and comparisons.

Intentional Traveler Blog – Discoveries of a retired couple RVing around North America.