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Blogging –

To start I need to confess that this is all new to me. We began this as a place to share information about our travels with friends and family hoping that some of our many traveling friends would be interested in contributing along the way. Who knows, maybe it could grow into something?

In a previous life ( 20+ years ago) I helped build a web site for my company that included a catalog, and a way of placing orders along with technical information and new product announcements. Shortly after starting we attached the database used in the office that allowed customers and vendors to look at information related to their orders. I was looking to promote our business and with a few hundred professional customers the site developed a remarkable amount of traffic quickly. I was impressed by the ease and power of the internet. It wasn’t unusual to receive a couple of dozen new inquiries per week. This was before the rise of social media and its numerous sites.

After six months at this new hobby I have become surprised at how hard it is to get peoples attention on the net. Currently we are getting about 45 individuals a week (the surprise is they’re from all over the world). I see a couple of challenges that I am not sure how to overcome. Based on those people that have contacted us thru email or have subscribed, it is becoming apparent that our appeal leans toward an older group of travelers (we prefer the term – more mature) and in thinking about it they may be who we are thinking about as we write. Based on that and looking at how our children use the net, our generation seems to be way more conservative and this could be part of the apparent growth issue.

I will suggest the notion that my generation is much less likely to comment on a public net space and are slow to decide if we actually “like” something enough to express it. My generation is also much more private (an understatement for sure) and is probably reluctant to put themselves out on social media.

I will submit that I am not sure why people should care if I “like” something nor why I should care how many people “like” what I have to say. I understand that you can get a certain feeling of validation from this and having subscribers can improve your sense of self-importance. I had no idea that this is the currency of today’s net but I am beginning to. It seems that younger people keep score on the basis of “likes” and their social interconnections. Apparently advertisers do too.

I had one person suggest that if I really wanted to improve our following I should create a personality that is female, young, blond and cheerful complete with photographs

If somebody has some constructive thoughts to offer I would welcome them:


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