Chimney Rock North Carolina and Lake Lure

Chimney Rock North Carolina and Lake Lure

In the mountains of Western North Carolina is a lake fed by a river that runs thru Hickory Nut Gorge. Standing high above this gorge is a rock formation named Chimney Rock which also gives its name to the town below. Chimney Rock is a North Carolina State Park which features a number of attractions the foremost of which are stairs and an elevator taking visitors to the top of this rock formation. From that perch you can see for miles down the gorge and across Lake Lure nestled between the Blue Ridge Mountains. The park also features miles of hiking trails which go to the top of the mountain and over to the top or the bottom of a four hundred foot waterfall called Hickory Nut Falls. Take a quick tour of Chimney Rock North Carolina and Lake Lure.


The area is a popular tourist, weekend and vacation destination and claims a connection to a couple of famous movies. Lake Lure was the setting used in Dirty Dancing and Chimney Rock was the backdrop for The Last of the Mohicans. While the area has all the trappings of a tourist town the trails and views surrounding Chimney Rock are also really amazing.

Note: I am trying to post using the worlds slowest internet connection. Apparently wireless and the internet have trouble penetrating Hickory Nut Gorge. Will clean all this up in a few days.


Just People

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Watching Cartagena, Columbia
Passing ships Panama Canal
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Above – A Manila Jeepney

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Images of the Keukenhof

Every Spring just outside of Amsterdam a garden comes to life with hundreds of flower displays created with millions of tulips. If you are going to be anywhere near Norther Europe be sure and get to the Keukenhof.

Images Around Disney World

Collection #1

Walt Disney World is a creation focused on transporting visitors to wondrous places. For that reason it is a fantasy land for a photographer. Take a walk thru the “World” with us.


An Epcot Christmas


WDW CastleFireworks
The Magic Kingdom at nite


Epcot and The Living Seas


The Boardwalk
Thunder Mountain
Thunder Mountain


Approaching The Magic Kingdom at dusk


Pirates of the Caribbean


The Liberty Belle, Frontier Land at Nite, Magic Kingdom


Magic Kingdom entrance


disney tran7
The Grand Floridian across Seven Seas Lagoon


disney tran5
Epcot Flower and Garden Show


It’s A Small World, Magic Kingdom








Impressions of Asia

Collection #1

sing night
Singapore at Night


Singapore is a fabulous city. Modern, clean and friendly. The centerpiece above is the triple Marina Towers, home to a casino, shopping and some of the best internationally famous restaurants in the World.

HK hirise
Hong Kong High Rise

Many of those high Rises stretching across the Hong Kong skyline are actually middle and low income housing where many apartments are less than ten square meters.

viet telcom
Telcom in Vietnam

.  – We have know idea how communication workers find their way thru these tangles of wires?

viet lantern
Lantern shop Vietnam


Nan Lian Gardens, Hong Kong

These are fantastic gardens near Hollywood Mall and surrounded by the towers of central Hong Kong.