About Us

We are a retired couple that have been traveling the U.S. and the world for the past ten years. We have limited resources and recognize that if we aren’t frugal it could curtail some of our wanderings. We enjoy visiting places and staying for a while but are also very fond of cruising. Together, as a couple, we have visited somewhere near seventy-five locations on the Century Club list and are hoping to make it to one hundred over the next few years.

We have started this Travel Blog because we have been increasingly disappointed with the large, popular travel sites. It just seems like there  are too many posts and it is getting hard to find the really useful information we are looking for.

We have added a lot of links wherever possible that are related to each post that will take you to good additional sites, and offer maps, more information and booking options focused on each topic or destination. Any blue and underlined words represent a link and all you need do is click on them.

In an effort to keep this blog timely and focused and from getting out of control we are limiting directly posting comments but will make an effort to regularly review them and add ones with useful information back to the blog. Currently the exception is “Restaurants &” which will hopefully be used by visitors to add information about restaurants they have discovered. We will add a hotel section in the near future. If you have a comment or additional information we encourage you to email us directly:


Contributing to This Blog Site

We encourage article submissions for publication and photographs are also welcome. If you would like to help us by adding articles or tips to our blog please send an e-mail to:


(more about gmx in a future article)

Details On Submissions

We work mostly in MS Word and compatible software so please submit documents in Word or composed directly in the text of your email. We encourage submitting photographs but for ease of use request that you export them in a small file (medium quality and medium size) before attaching. We would also like to know something about you and what name you would like credited to the article and the photographs (please no copyrighted photos).

We would hope you will become a follower of this site (see below to sign up) and would also welcome individuals that would like to be a regular contributor. Please send us an email if this interests you.

Also, if we don’t respond right away, understand that we are traveling off and on three to four months a year and are often in situations where the internet is not available or too expensive, so our responses can be delayed.