First Look at Dublin

A Quick Introduction

Ireland is one of the newest economic miracle and Dublin is the heart and face of modern Ireland. Dublin is assuming its place among the worlds truly great cities and it doesn’t seem as if it can slow down to take a breath right now. Above is a sunset scene looking up the Liffey River in the direction of downtown Dublin. The largest cellular company in Ireland is simply “3” and the building seen across the water is the 3Arena and beyond it is a skyline decorated with construction cranes as far as you can see. At this time it is very difficult to take a picture of this city that doesn’t include cranes.

From tourists to business people to students as well as locals, the streets are a cacophony of dozens of languages, more than I think we have noticed anywhere else we have gone in recent years. The landscape is filled with centuries old monuments and buildings that are shoulder-to-shoulder with gleaming modern architecture. There are also pubs, bars, restaurants and coffee shops at every turn.

We’ve more to add but will close this “first impression” with a bit of advice. The city is very walkable but it does seem to have one issue we believe needs you to be prepared for. Street signs are rare and often we found ourselves at intersections without a clue as to where we were. We had brought a couple of small maps with us and I had downloaded a Dublin map into my cell phone from Google Maps but it just wasn’t good enough (my iPhone map kept changing the orientation of North which was very confusing and a few times we headed off in the wrong direction). So our advice is to make your first stop a tourist information office (they’re all over and marked with the “i”) and pick up an official tourist map. They’re big, have all the major sites clearly marked and help a lot with the orientation issue. You might want to carry a dayglow marker with you as well for marking the map and then picking them out of the clutter.


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